NAMM更新:Aphex 207D前置放大器

 Aphex  207前置放大器2005 NAMM展: Aphex 系统 新型207D型电子管麦克风/乐器前置放大器在NAMM展会上首次亮相。 207D型现已向Aphex经销商发货,建议零售价为499美元。

207D takes Aphex ’207型增加了AES / EBU和S / PDIF数字输出,可在整个信号链中进行直接数字连接,采样率高达96kHz。新的207D还增加了字时钟输入/输出,用于数字时钟同步。

The Aphex Model 207D is an two-channel tube mic 前置放大器 designed to reveal the subtlety and power of vintage condensers, ribbons, electrets, and popular dynamic mics. It also offers instrument inputs that are quieter and have more gain than conventional instrument 前置放大器 s. 207D makes use of Aphex ’获得专利的反射板放大器(RPA)技术,一种真正的真空管电路,具有所有期望的特性,而没有传统管设计的热量,脆弱性,声音变化性,短寿命和高频衰减。

207D’MicLim电路,也可在Aphex上找到’ flagship Model 1100 MkII and Model 1788 mic 前置放大器 s, offers virtually crashproof performance, and makes it a perfect front end for digital recorders. An insert loop is provided for adding dynamics or effects processing prior to conversion. 207D’s mic and instrument inputs offer up to 65dB of continuously variable gain. Switchable 48 volt Phantom Power with ramp up feature is provided, as well as a delayed turn on circuit for speaker protection. 207D also offers polarity select, -20dB pad and low cut filter switches. It functions at switchable -10 dBv or +4 dBu operating levels, with balanced 3-pin and 1/4″TRS输入和输出。

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