穆格斯特海报拍卖,卡尔·克雷格(Carl Craig),Squarepusher,里奇·霍顿(Richie Hawtin)签名& Others

如果你’re looking for a cool gift idea for a 合成器 fan (including yourself), check out the 鲍勃·穆格基金会’s 拍卖穆格斯特海报.

鲍勃·穆格基金会(Bob Moog Foundation)是一家非营利性组织,独立于由米歇尔·穆格·库萨(Michelle Moog-Koussa)运营的穆格音乐公司(Moog Music),其宗旨是保护鲍勃·穆格的遗产并激发灵感“音乐,科学,历史和创新交汇处的创造力。”

在Moogfest 2012上,许多艺术家慷慨大方地签下了美丽,正式的Moogfest海报(本身就是作品或艺术品),以帮助为Bob Moog基金会的项目筹集资金。


  • 轨道式
  • 里奇·豪顿
  • Santigold
  • 莫顿·苏博特尼克(Morton Subotnick)
  • 托马斯·杜比
  • 纳斯
  • 普里默斯
  • 方推手
  • 黑蛾超级彩虹
  • 卡尔·克雷格
  • 天堂熊
  • 神装
  • GZA
  • 磁场
  • Miike Snow
  • 死亡之握
  • pon
  • 天空中的爆炸
  • E-lp。

独一无二的Moogfest 2012官方海报由Eric Davis设计。这种艺术品以从柔和到霓虹的色调中的云彩和月亮为特色,是任何海报收藏的绝佳补充。这张24英寸x 36英寸的海报印刷在100磅海报纸上,还标有节日名称,日期和完整的阵容。


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  1. 对这里的审查是可笑的。 。
    Gold plated 合成器esisers in times of recession? Dead cool. Then a begging bowl to promote ‘moog ‘

    1. 我们会删除垃圾评论和人身攻击评论。

      如文章所述,“鲍勃·穆格基金会(Bob Moog Foundation)是非盈利组织,独立于穆格音乐(Moog Music)” –这意味着您的评论不仅是人身攻击,而且是无知的,并且忽略了帖子的实际内容。


      1. 也许您会做一件体面的事,然后重新发表我的评论。
        您是否要说对穆格的批评是没有‘foundation’ (scuse the pun)

  2. Even allowing for his technical/creative intuition concerning what made a great, warm circuit for musical use, the best thing about Bob was his amazement at what people did with his 合成器s. He was not a musician by his own standards, but he still had that elusive FEEL, which legions of artists have sought for eons. If the Moog Foundation only leads a few kids a year into enjoying music that comes from their own hands, there’s just one word for it: GOOD. I had a MiniMoog as my first 合成器, so the man’对我的烙印深深。

    1. 我的第一次“synth” was a looped single cycle saw waveform in a sampler and a LP filter on top. Until today, i have little direct use for analog 合成器s, although i often emulate them. I have little respect for the people who hate on digital, they are simply spoilt, or incompetent with computers and 合成器esis. Moog make great instruments, but the cult of moo-moog and their analog sheep is ridiculous. They want to inspire kids? Build a 50 dollar 合成器 for kids! I would never let anyone near a multi-k dollar 合成器, esp. If it was analog. Yes, i am jealous of those 特权 kids with minimoogs as first 合成器s, i mean WTH?

      1. 我曾是“privileged”…为朋友凑了700美元’使用过的MiniMoog。我坚信一个人’s first 合成器 should be knob-y and slider-y. You learn a guitar by becoming intimate with strings. You learn a 合成器 via knobs and keyboard. Besides, IMO, a Little Phatty is about as “low” as Moog SHOULD go for a basic/starter 合成器. Much less and the subjective feel would suffer. Besides, don’我们大多数人都买了几把中高端乐器,然后买了一些较小但仍然很欢快的玩具?

  3. Anyway, 我曾是there. 方推手 was worth the trip. The $6 beers made me mad for a bit, till I tasted them 🙂 , Got to try some new brews, listen to some amazing music, moogfest is the place to be! Asheville also kicks ass! You better make it there next time 合成器head! (were you there? hmm)

  4. I sprang for VIP tix at Moogfest and was very happy with all the extra whatnot: good seats, t-shirts, complementary booze and beer. It was a lot of fun and rubbing shoulders with some folks in the industry was well worth the trip. It was great to see how artists are creating their live shows and using 合成器esis tools and controllers in innovative ways. I agree, 方推手 was great, even if his bass guitar routine left a lot of the Mollied-up ravers scratching their heads.

    制造吵闹声’s 合成器 intro with Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine was a blast.

    托马斯·杜比(Thomas Dolby),米克·雪(Miike Snow),《空中爆炸》和莫顿·苏博特尼克(Morton Subotnick)使这次旅行非常值得。


    敲穆格,一切都想要。你赢了’t find many folks nicer or more supportive of music and of musicians. I met Michelle and Mike, and 我曾是terribly impressed.