Prodyon Enchoir人声协调器演示

[vimeo][/vimeo] This is a demo of Prodyon Enchoir – a vocal 调和器for Windows. Enchoir creates up to 6 voices of background vocal harmony based on chords played on a MIDI keyboard. It also features natural sounding reverb, internal 24-voice doubling with formant shifting, scooping, vibrato via aftertouch, harmony-hold function and a unique harmony-shift mode… 阅读更多 Prodyon Enchoir人声协调器演示

TC-Helicon VoiceTone合成器现已上市

TC-Helicon发布了VoiceTone Synth,这是一种声音效果踏板,旨在创建极端,异国情调和当代的声音,例如锯齿状HardTune效果,经典声码器效果,语音控制的合成器以及声音失真和扩音器效果。特征:具有用户可选键或乐器感应声码器载体的HardTune效果可以由内部语音控制合成器或乐器输入(例如… 阅读更多 TC-Helicon VoiceTone合成器现已上市

赞美自动调校 Frieze Magazine has published a article that takes a contrarian look at the musicality of Auto-Tune. Author Jace Clayton first recognizes the fact that many musicians hate AutoTuned vocals: Vocal purists hate Auto-Tune. They hear in its robotic modulations some combination of sugar-rush novelty, bulldozed nuance, jejune synthetics, loss of ‘soul’, disdain for innate… 阅读更多 赞美自动调校